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About us

We are located at St. Jean Baptiste, MB, CANADA.

We have core expertise in manufacturing of
  • End Dump & Centre Dump Trailers
  • Farm End Dump Trailers
  • Gravel Trailers
  • Grain Boxes
  • Gravel Boxes
  • Large Truck Frame Work
Our products and satisfied customers shows our expertise and excellence in product and customer satisfaction.

Our another main product is Manitoban Multi Fuel.

The Manitoban Multi Fuel (MMF) is a Canadian product developed by Tracker Manufacturing of Manitoba. This product is being produced to fill the need of many North American customers that are or have expressed their concerns over the increasing costs of conventional fuels such as, natural gas, propane, fuel oils and electricity.

The owner of Tracker uses this product to heat a 60ft x 80ft plant with 14ft ceilings which is located in Manitoba Canada. Winter temperatures in this region often drop to - 40 degrees Celcius for weeks at a time combined with high winds which places an even high demand on a heating appliance.Tracker Mfg. felt that the added safety of an outdoor furnace that would burn alternate fuels of lower costs was needed, and should be made available at a affordable price.

Thus the MMF a non pressurized outdoor boiler, designed to burn fuels that will flow and can be augerred was created. At present, corn test have shown that fuels need to have a 14% or less moisture content to maintain ignition in the shut down stages. The MMF has the ability of control to as little as a 2 degree on-off firing to maintain fuel glow as well as an automatic shut down in the event of a fuel or fire out situation. The carburetor has 70 air jets for performance burning to enhance a complete burn and reduce clinkers. This product also has a built in 26 bushel hopper, complete with a vari-speed auger and adjustable air control all mounted in an easily accessible panel for customer tuning.

An Outdoor Hot Water Furnace that :

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